What is Amazing Nano Collagen?

It is an Add-on Treatment for Hair & Skin which is made of 100% hydrolyzed fish collagen.  You can use it by mixing it to water or any hair care or skin care products which you have been using. 


It contains much more amounts of the amino acids, glycine and proline than many other proteins. It helps the hair and skin to prevent and repair the damage caused by aging process as well as damage from environmental stresses or factors such as UV rays and pollutants.

what is collagen and why is it important?

Collagen is the most abundant proteins in the human body and around 30% of all the proteins in human body is collagen. It is fibrous protein mainly found in skin, hair, nails and connective cells. It is essential for these components.


As you age, the collagen level in your body starts to decrease by approximately 1.5% each year starting in mid-20's and reduce up to 30% in mid-40's.

In addition, for women, collagen level drops 30% in 5years after menopause.


If there is lack of collagen in your hair and skin, the hair falls out, easily breaks and gets thinner and the skin wrinkles, sags and loses elasticity.

Fish Collagen

   A 100% hydrolyzed collagen from the scales of fish.

Good solubility and artificial chemical free

  It dissolves well in even cold water and it does not contain any artificial fragrances or colors.

8 Essential amino acids

  It contains not only Glycine and Proline but also the 8 essential amino acides, the key structural components of tissues in the body. They are Lysine, Leucine, Threonine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Methionine and Isoleucine.

Halal Certified Collagen

  The Nano Collagen used in Spaklean Amanzing Nano Collagen is halal certifed by Jakim.

Faster absorption

  It is abosorbed faster because its molecular weight is in the range of 200~400 Daltons only compared to ordianry nano collagen with 1000 Daltons of molecular weight.

Features of the amazing nano collagen

absorption rate
molecular weight graph

Component safety system

No harmful ingredients are contained.

No artificial colors

No artificial fragrance

No Paraben

No Benzophenone-3

No synthetic surfactant

No mineral oil

No Phenoxyethanol

No dimenthicone