Sooho Global is a company in Korea that cares for the safety and health of hair and skin. Established in 2017, the Sooho Global is a young company exporting hair and beauty products, and it has been exporting to Malaysia and Singapore.

With its flagship products, treatments and cleaners, its sales office in Malaysia is actively operating to target Southeast Asia merket.


SPAKLEAN is a brand that pursues healing and safety of hair and skin being free from harmful ingredients of beauty products.

It is composed of two meanings, SPA represents a place where the peace and healing of mind and body stay.¬†KLEAN represents ‘cleanliness’ and ‘purity’. It is supposed to be spelled as ‘Clean’ but ‘KLEAN’ indirectly implies that the brand is from ‘Korea’.

SPAKLEAN is pronounced similar to ‘Sparkling’ which has the meaning of ‘shining brightly with flashes of light’. Like its meaning, we will try our best to be shining brightly in the hair and beauty industry.